Top chef needs fresh materials (vegetable, fish, meat, fruits etc.) and similarly every machine maker needs good machine parts (iron or aluminum casting,welding products, precision machining, heat treatment, painting etc.)

So we made a decision to found a mechanical machine parts manufacturing center so-called EBA Vietnam factory at 2003. At first we started training about metal cutting & welding (CO2 laser cutting), machining (2x5x1.5m double column MC, horizontal MC, turning centers), painting and 3D design. Year by year we increased engineers, technicians and CNC machines and at 2012 we made clean casting foundry with natural wind ventilation system (twin 3ton-electric-furnace, arcspark-spectrometer, and 3x3x6m annealing furnace etc.) and at 2013 we installed 200kw highfrequency hardening machine.

Our first purpose of Vietnam factory is to make FMS machine tool parts for mother company EBA Japan, and second purpose is to provide high-quality machine parts a wide variety of factories in Vietnam (such as generator, aviation, automotive, molds and more). We wish development of Vietnam machine industry and we believe we can support it well with our Vietnam facilities and our skillful Vietnamese engineers; of course co-operation with mother company Japan is necessary.