1953 EBA was established in Kuwana city. At the time, our main business was sheet metal, press and can manufacturing. (JPsite)
1955 Started dealing with Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd..
1957 Started dealing with a union steelmaking corporation
We incorprated our company and set the capital to 500,000 yen
1959 Isewan Typhoon brought us flooding for 2 months (JPsite)


1960 We started delivery the motorcycle part to Honda Motor Co., Ltd
1964 We buiit the foundry.
1966 We moved in Kuwana when build machining factory
1967 Yokkaichi factory was founded and a foundry was moved (JPsite)
1969 The capital was increased to 11 million yen.


1973 Our company's name was chenged to "EBA KOGYO Co., Ltd"
1977 In receiving the order from Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. a car underbody automatic weld line was established
Franc resin molding line was established in a foundry
1979 We produced automatic pallet changer for machining centers (APC) and started production


1980 Ken Nakamura was installed in a president by a president and Kiyoshi Nakamura death.
1981 The part of the corporation Yamazaki ironworks FMS factory equipment was paid.
A headquarters new office building was built
1982 The capital was increased to 30 million yen
1983 We developed automatic tool chenger for machining center (ATC) and started production
1985 The capital was increased to 40 million yen
The APC latest for MC was submitted to FMS exhibition the 2nd time
1987 Working on TQC activity
We delivered ceiling robot line to mitubishi's north america factory (JPsite)
CAD system was introduced
Headquarters whole factory was air conditioning
1989 High frequency dissolution hearth was installed in a Foundry division


1990 Toyoda Machine Works quality control prize was won (JPsite)
1991 The capital was increased to 48 million yen
1995 Office work ridge in headquarters was enlarged on the 4th floor
1996 KIP Co., Ltd. was established
Toin 1st facotry for welding was build
1997 Intranet in the company was built
1998 Toin 2nd factory for machining and assembling was build (JPsite)
Yokkaichi factory and Foundry division was closed


2000 Participate in JIMTOF
We acquired certification of ISO9001
2002 Car parts factory was build in Toin  
2003   Foundation of EBA Vietnam
2004 We acquired certification of ISO14001 Factory Completion
Factory Operation – Design/Metal cut & weld / Machining / Paint / QA
2006 The capital was increased to 60 million yen
Car parts factory was enlarged
Paint & weld factory expansion
2007 An expansion site in Toin factory was acquiredAssemble & Packing factory expansion
2009   Supplier audit pass of GE Energy company (EHS QA etc)
Generator part deal started (JPsite)
2012 A headquarters office was moved to Toin-cho and
Kuwana factory was closed
Ecology Foundry Completion
2014 We acquired certification of MSJ4000, (JPsite)
and got prize by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry. (JPsite)

we got a prize by japanese small and medeium enterpreize agency

EMC acquired certification of ISO9001,14001
2016 2nd assemble factory was build EMC got a prize by GE ENERGY "2016 Supplier Award Excellence in Quality"
2017   "2017 1st Business Partners Special Award" from Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation
2018 Construction of the third assembly factory
Patent acquisition
Exhibited at JIMTOF2018
2019 Exhibited at JIMTOF2019